Dumpster Delivery Tips and Guidelines

Roll Off Truck Delivering Dumpster to Driveway

What to Expect on Delivery Day

Now that you've ordered your roll off dumpster, it's time to get ready for delivery day. We'll walk you through how to prepare based on where your dumpster will be dropped off, but here's the basics of what to expect.

Roll Off Truck Backing into Driveway

Make Room for Your Dumpster

While you don’t have to be present for delivery, expect our truck to arrive during regular business hours on your scheduled drop-off day. It will take less than 10 minutes to park the bin.

Person Placing Wood Under Roll Off Dumpster

Mark Your Delivery Area

Our driver will locate your requested drop-off spot, but marking the spot ensures we put the container exactly where you want it.

Roll Off Truck Delivering Roll Off Dumpster in Driveway

Double-Check the Area

Our driver will back the truck into your driveway and roll the dumpster off of the truck.

Couple Placing Debris in Roll Off Container

Get to Work

Once the dumpster is in place, our truck will leave and you can begin tossing debris.

Preparing Your Driveway for Dumpster Delivery

Once you’ve ordered a roll off container, you need to prepare the drop-off spot to ensure a successful dumpster delivery. Watch the video and follow the steps below to get ready.

Measurements of Dumpster Delivery Area by Feet

1. Make Room for Your Dumpster Delivery

Move cars and other objects away from the delivery area and the surrounding space. If cars are parked in the garage, you may not be able to get them out while the dumpster is in your driveway. Move them to the street instead if you prefer. We always confirm drop-off instructions with you at the time of your order, so we’ll know where to put the bin even if you can’t be on-site for delivery.

For delivery, make sure the drop-off spot you’ve chosen is 60 feet long, 10.5 feet wide, and 25-30 feet tall. We need the space to be clear, in a straight line, and free of any hanging objects like wires or tree branches to ensure safe delivery.

Please note, you will be charged a fee if we can’t deliver the dumpster due to space restrictions or other obstacles.

Roll Off Dumpster on Colored Delivery Area

2. Mark Your Delivery Area

We’ll take detailed placement notes when you order a dumpster, so marking your desired drop-off spot isn’t required. However, using colored tape, 2x8 boards, or cones on the spot will help us make sure your bin gets placed exactly where you want it.

Protect Your Driveway With Plywood

The dumpster is delivered slowly, but scratches on your driveway are possible depending on its age and material. You can lay plywood under your dumpster to protect the driveway’s surface from scratches or scrapes.

Customer Watching Roll Off Dumpster Delivery

3. Double-Check the Area on Your Scheduled Delivery Day

On the day your dumpster will arrive, make sure your drop-off area is still clear. If not, remove any potential obstacles. Cars may need to be moved from the street to give our driver adequate room to back into the driveway. The spot must be clear the entire day. Also, make sure that any entry gates to your property are open so our driver can get through.

Preparing for Street Delivery

If you don’t have space for a dumpster in your driveway, we can typically deliver the dumpster to a street adjacent to your property. Keep in mind these rules and restrictions if you’re considering street delivery.

Mark Your Delivery Spot

You’ll need to block off enough street space with cones on delivery day. Be sure to clear the spot in front of your house and surrounding spots. You may need to ask your neighbors to move their cars, as well. This will ensure our driver has enough room to drop off your container successfully.

Roll Off Dumpster in Driveway
Roll Off Dumpster in Street

Follow Local Permitting Requirements

Street delivery typically requires a permit, so apply for one from your city ahead of time. Remember, permits often come with a fee, and your municipality may have additional requirements you have to follow.

Preparing for Delivery to a Jobsite

If we’re delivering your bin to a construction site, designate a waste area that is accessible for delivery and pickup. This means an area away from any equipment, debris and other potential obstacles. Make sure there are no accessibility restrictions, such as closed gates, when our driver arrives. Let us know if you have any specific placement instructions ahead of time.

Roll Off Dumpster on Construction Site

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