How to Order a Dumpster

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What Should I Do Before Ordering a Dumpster?

Before renting a dumpster for your project, there are a few key factors to consider. Follow these five steps to make the ordering process easier.

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1. Choose Your Cleanup Partner

Ready to start cleaning up? Make sure you rent a dumpster from the right place. Our helpful guide tells you what to look for when choosing a dumpster rental company.

Choose a Dumpster Rental Company

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2. Estimate the Size and Weight of What You’re Throwing Away

We offer dumpster rentals to fit different projects and debris types. For example, if you’re tossing heavy materials like concrete and brick, you’ll need a roll off dumpster with a higher weight limit. Our team will always ask about your project when you rent a dumpster, but these resources will help you find the best fit for your needs.

Calculate the Size of Your Debris

Use Our Dumpster Weight Calculators

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3. Choose the Right Size Dumpster for Your Project

When you order a dumpster, get the right size for your project. The roll off container you need depends on your scope of work. Look over our range of dumpster sizes before ordering, or contact our team for a recommendation.

Choose a Dumpster Size for Your Project

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4. Budget for Your Dumpster Rental

Make sure to plan your cleanup costs before renting a dumpster. There are several factors to consider, and we outline how our pricing works in the guide below. Our most common dumpster fees are also linked below to help you clean up mindfully and avoid them.

Read Our Pricing Guide

Learn More About Dumpster Fees

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5. Select a Delivery Spot for Your Dumpster

Before ordering a dumpster, choose a drop-off location. The delivery spot should be flat, paved and convenient for the job you’re working on. Your driveway is usually the best option for home-based projects, while construction sites should have a designated waste and recycling area. If you call to order, we can help you choose the best spot for your dumpster.

When I Need a Dumpster, How Do I Order?

We tailor the ordering process to your project and offer two ways to schedule your dumpster delivery. With us, you can order a dumpster online or over the phone. The route that’s best for you depends on the difficulty of your project and whether you want to discuss your cleanup with our team. Keep reading to see which ordering method is right for you.

Order a Dumpster Online

We suggest ordering a dumpster online if you’re working on a simple, straightforward project. This includes attic cleanouts, bathroom remodels and junk removal jobs. Put simply, the debris you’re tossing is easy to get rid of and you don’t have any questions for our customer service team. You can start your online order at any time.

Order Online

Order a Dumpster Over the Phone

Not sure what size dumpster to get? Have questions about the materials you’re throwing away? It’s probably best to order your dumpster over the phone. Our helpful team explains how to get a dumpster from start to finish, ensuring you get the best bin for your job. We’ll also help you prepare for delivery day and recommend a drop-off location.

Call for a Quote During Business Hours

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What to Do After You Order a Dumpster

Once you’ve ordered your dumpster, it’s time to prepare for delivery. This includes learning how to properly fill your dumpster and ensuring a successful pickup at the end of your cleanup.

Get Ready for Delivery Day

Follow these quick tips for a smooth delivery of your dumpster rental.

Dumpster Delivery Tips

Clean Up Mindfully

Use our helpful guide to avoid extra fees while you work.

Rental Period Tips

Prepare for Pickup

Fill out our quick online form when you’re finished, and we’ll haul away the mess.

Schedule Your Dumpster Pickup

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